Mini Baccarat

Basically, what the mini means in mini baccarat is that there are less people playing and a smaller table. A mini baccarat table will usually have spots for seven players and one dealer, who is opposite the players.

What makes Mini Baccarat different?

There are several things that are different between the two games. The main difference is in which part of the casino that you will find these two games being played. The majority of baccarat will be played in the high stakes section of the casino. Mini baccarat tables will be found on the casino floor.

In the standard version of baccarat, players are allowed to take turns being the banker, while the person with the largest bet will be the player. The banker is allowed to deal the cards and the player is allowed to handle the player’s cards. Three dealers will usually be on hand. Two will take care of bets and the third will direct the game.

With mini baccarat, there is only one dealer. The dealer alone is allowed to handle the cards. Players only have the option to bet Player, Banker or Tie. If the player bets on tie, they may also bet on Player or Banker.

Otherwise, the gameplay between the two is identical. You can find the standard baccarat rules here.

mini baccarat table

Mini baccarat table at online casino.

Online Baccarat

If you have ever played baccarat online, such as the baccarat game that is hosted here, than you have essentially played mini baccarat. The only difference being that most online casinos do not have multiple people playing at a baccarat table. The game is usually one on one with the casino. The rules that the online casinos use are the same.

What is Midi Baccarat?

Midi baccarat is played the same way that mini baccarat is played. This means that the players do not touch the cards and there is still only one dealer. The main difference, as the name would imply, is that it is slightly larger and includes more players than a mini baccarat table.

Here is what a midi baccarat table looks like. There are usually either 9 or 10 players at a midi baccarat table as opposed to 7 players at a mini baccarat table.

The other big difference that you will find between the two is that the midi table is more likely to be found in the high stakes section, where the minimum bet on a hand is often $100 or more.