Baccarat Tables

When it comes to baccarat tables, they will all have similar features. Of course each one of them will have the usual places for players and dealers to stay. Each player will have the option to bet on the Player, Banker or Tie as well as a number in front of their betting area.

Also, on each table there will be a set of numbers in boxes in front of the dealer(s). These are called the commission boxes. When you bet on the dealer and win, a marker goes down in the box that has your number on it. At the end, the commission you owe will be collected. Any other questions you have should be covered in baccarat rules.

There are also places at every baccarat table for the chips and the shoe of cards. The shoe of cards may not always be fixed to the table and can be passed from player to player.

There are several different kinds of baccarat tables that are out there. Here’s a look at a few of them:

Three dealer baccarat table

As you can see, there are spots for 3 dealers. The one in the semi-circle is the caller and directs the game being played. The two dealers in the cut out box are there to take care of half of the tables bets. You’ll notice that the number 13 is missing from the table and instead the number 15 is in its place. Obviously, this is done because of the superstitions of gambling players.

typical baccarat table

Typical baccarat table.

Two dealer baccarat table

This is very similar to the three person table, only this has two semi-circles cut out for the two dealers. This would be the kind of table that you would find outside of the high stakes area at a casino.

Mini Baccarat Table

At a mini baccarat table, only one dealer is present and the number of players that can bet is cut in half. This makes the game move along faster and is often more popular out on the casino floor away from the high stakes baccarat. There are often lower table limits set at mini baccarat tables.

Midi Baccarat Table

The midi baccarat table is virtually the same as a mini baccarat table in the fact that there is only one dealer and that the same version of baccarat is played. You will see that there are a couple more places for players to sit at the table. This style of table is more likely to be found in the high stakes section of the casino.